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Virginia Extremes:

Highest Sea-level Pressure


January 31, 1981

Washington National

Lowest Sea-level Pressure


March 15, 1993


Highest Wind Speed


September 14, 1944

Cape Henry

Highest Temperature


July 15, 1954

Balcony Falls1

Lowest Temperature


January 21, 1985

Mountain Lake Biological Station

High 24-hour Precipitation

27.35 in

August 20, 1969

Nelson County2

High Monthly Precipitation

24.98 in

June, 1995


High Annual Precipitation

81.78 in



Least Annual Precipitation

12.52 in


Moore's Creek

Greatest 24-hour Snowfall

33.0 in

March 6, 1962

Big Meadows

High Single Storm Snowfall

48.0 in

January 6-7, 1996

Big Meadows4

Greatest Monthly Snowfall

54.0 in

February, 1899


Greatest Seasonal Snowfall

124.2 in



1 Although Balcony Falls recorded 110F there is some contention as to whether this was a faulty reading.  If the reading is faulty, the record is 109F, at Woodstock on July 20, 1930 and at Lincoln on July 10, 1936.

2 This is an unofficial record.  The official 24-hour observing period record is 14.28 inches, recorded in Williamsburg on September 16, 1999.

3 The previous published record was 23.88 inches at Big Meadows (August, 1955).  However, it is apparent that if Nelson County had 27.35 inches in 24-hours (really 9 hours!), the Nelson County figure would exceed the record at both Glasgow and Big Meadows.  In addition, a location in Madison County recorded 24 inches in 6 hours on June 27, 1995.  However, neither of these observations was from an official observing station.

4 Previous record was 42.0 inches at Big Meadows, March 6 and 7, 1962.

5 Previous record was 109.9 inches at Mountain Lake Biological Station, 1977-78.


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