Virginia Climate Resource

This site has been put together as a resource center for past, current and future climate predictions.

Current Moisture Status Information

Drought Monitoring Task Force Reports

U.S. Drought Monitor

USGS  Current Streamflow Conditions

Two observable signs of the water situation are streamflow and ground water status.  The USGS (US Geological Survey) monitors both of these through a network of river gauging stations and monitoring wells.

Keep in mind that there is typically an annual cycle of both these parameters—they usually are at their lowest in late fall, rise through the winter and start to fall through the growing season.  It’s the difference between the observed value and the average for that time of year that’s important.

For streamflow information, click the top map; groundwater information, click the bottom map

Growing Season & Plant Hardiness

The onset of the growing season varies a great deal across Virginia and from one year to another.  The Average Date of Last Frost for some locations is shown below.  For more locations, Click Here.


The varieties of plants suitable for outdoor gardening varies considerably across the Commonwealth.  Some useful guidance on plant selection comes from the Plant Hardiness Zone.  This is based on the coldest temperature the plant is likely to experience.  Below is the current map of these zones.  Remember to use great caution in complex terrain!

Click map for larger version.